ActivityLogGeoIpDownload The abstract class used by all CLI commands.
ActivityLogKeyGen The abstract class used by all CLI commands.
AuthHashPassword Generates a password hash for authentication
BuildMetadata This command will refresh the dewdrop-build.php file in your project's root folder with a new timestamp. This can be helpful for two use cases:
CommandAbstract The abstract class used by all CLI commands.
Dbdeploy Apply update to your database schema in a controlled and repeatable manner.
DbForeignKeyIndexes Generate a dbdeploy change script to add indexes to foreign keys that are currently missing them.
DbMetadata Refresh all DB metadata definition files.
DewdropDev This command makes it easy to replace your Composer-based Dewdrop install with a clone of dev-master from git. This allows you to commit changes to Dewdrop itself without leaving the context of your project. Obviously, you can branch away from dev-master, create tags, etc. in the newly created clone. Once you complete your edits, you can remove the clone and run a Composer update to put the release copy of Dewdrop back in place.
DewdropDoc Generate API documentation for all Dewdrop libraries with phpdoc (a.k.a. phpDocumentor 2).
DewdropSniff Use PHP_CodeSniffer to check that the Dewdrop code conforms to your coding style of choice. By default, we use the PSR-2 coding style.
DewdropTest Run PHPUnit tests available for the Dewdrop library.
GenAdminComponent Generate files for a new admin component.
GenDbTable Generate a model class and a dbdeploy delta for a new database table.
GenEav Generate a set of tables for storing EAV attributes and values. We create a single table for storing attribute definintions and a table for each supported "backend" or data type (i.e. varchar, text, decimal, int, and datetime).
GenUsersAndSecurityLevels Generate admin components & deploy scripts for Users & Security Levels.
Help A command to handle display of help information for other commands or list available commands if none was selected by the command line arguments.
Lint Check all PHP files in your plugin to ensure that have no syntax errors using the built-in PHP linter.
Sniff Use PHP_CodeSniffer to check that your plugin code conforms to your coding style of choice. By default, we use the PSR-2 coding style.
Tinker Provides a basic REPL you can use to experiment with Dewdrop.
WpInit A command to handle creation of folders commonly used in WordPress plugins written in Dewdrop. This command should be run after installing Dewdrop with Composer to get the basic structure for plugin in place.