BulkActions The BulkActions class allows you to attach any number of actions to a Listing. The user (typically with some checkboxes on a table or tile view) will select one or more items and then choose an action.
Counter The Counter class assists in the creation of a simple kind of report that comes up frequently in data-heavy projects: group by a field and display the number of records that have a given value for that field. For example, if you had a database containing many people and their preferred shirt sizes, you could supply this class with the shirt_size_id field object, the full collection of Fields from your component and a Listing that would normally fetch all the people and their shirt sizes. Combining the data from the fetchData() method in this class with the Fields from its buildRenderFields() method, you could use those objects to easily render a table showing how many users requested a Small shirt, a Medium shirt, etc.