AdminInterface This interface defined methods useful for testing admin components without having to manually wire up and/or mock admin routing and dispatching.


AdminBaseTestCase A basic admin test case with the ability to easily dispatch admin pages and take advantage of utility methods in the base Dewdrop test case class.
AdminDbTestCase All admin test case classes implement this interface to ensure that all admin test cases offer the same functionality. We can't handle this with inheritance because we must inherit different classes for stock test cases and DB test cases. Once we can rely on PHP 5.4.x, traits will help make this simpler.
Helper This helper is used by all admin test case classes to provide the ability to easily get access to the tested component object and dispatch pages from it. This is used to allow some "horizontal" reuse between the admin test cases because we can't achieve the reuse with inheritance. PHPUnit has a pre-defined hierarchy imposed by its DBUnit extension, so we need to compose our additional functionality in this manner.